B2 action

Synthesis of IA-derivatives as curing agent for epoxy resins

The activities were focused on the synthesis of IA-derivatives that potentially could be used as curing agents for water-based epoxy resins, such as of trimethylolpropane-tri-itaconate (TMPTI) and pentaerythritol-triitaconate (PERIT). IA, Itaconic anhydride (IAn) and its derivatives were used to study their reactivity as hardeners for epoxy resins. A preliminary evaluation has been carried out with standard epoxy resins and then the tests were implemented for water-based epoxy resins. The reactivity and efficiency as epoxy resin hardeners of some well-known maleic anhydride derivatives, which are commercially available by Polynt, were compared with IA derivative compounds. TMPTI compound was brown high-viscous liquid, while PERIT was a red polymerlike solid (see figure). The polymeric nature of these compounds was experimentally verified by GPC analyses. A polymerization inhibitor was used during reaction, but no significant improvements were observed.

The results of these studies indicated that IA and IAn a were not miscible with the DGEBA-epoxy resins, while with water-based epoxy resins a low crosslinking efficiency were measured by Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC). In addition, PERIT was not miscible with water-based resin, so to use this compound as epoxy resin hardener becomes very difficult . For these reasons, the synthesis of the TMPTI were used to develop mixtures used for the action B7. The scale up of the TMPTI synthesis were carried out in the same experimental conditions as previously above described and were prepared for action B7.

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