B8: ligands for abrasive tapes

IA based unsaturated polyester resins as ligands for abrasive tapes

   Some prototypes of some abrasive tapes by using IA-based unsaturated polyester resins (styrene-free), diluted with commercially available mono-methacrylated or IA-based monomers, will be used for the preparation of some thermoset resins for abrasive tapes. The wetting properties and kinetic of curing as function of temperature and time will be investigated as a function of the chemical composition of IA thermoset thermoset polymer. In this case, the phenol-formaldehyde resins (e.g. resol-type resin) can be replaced with IA-based monomers and BioUPR without solvent or monomer emissions.

   The results obtained in the technical action at R&D center of polynt for the use of bioUPR resins polymer matrix composites will be used to develop coated abrasive tapes suitable for the processing condition adopted in production site at Imperial.

   Thermo-mechanical properties of the phenol-formaldehyde resin, obtained by calorimetric and rheological experimental measurements in combination adhesion test experiments, will be used as reference for the processing control. For this technical action will be appied the methods and experimetal conditions used for previous action at APM and Imperial R&D center.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation: IMPERIAL

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