B9: Polymer charcterization

Advanced polymer characterization and biodegradation tests

The main activities of APM are devoted to develop solutions on polymer processing and quality control of thermoset, polymer blends and UV curable mixtures.

The APM staff has been long term experience on raw materials and processing quality control.

An important part of the APM activities consist in supplying analyses and advanced characterization methods on industrial polymer materials in the technical activieties of the BiMoP project by using the following experimental techniques :

i) Spectroscopic analysis by FTIR and 1H and 13C  Magnetic resonance spectroscopy; ii) Thermal analyses by DSC and TGA; iii) Chromatographic analyses (GPC and HPLC).

APM laboratories are able to prepare specimens having dimension as requested by the mostly used ISO, ASTM and UNI norms for the industrial polymer materials:

iv) tensile mechanical properties of thermoplastic and thermoset polymers; v) Rheological measurements  by using rotational and capillary rheometers; vi) Morphologic analyses by optical and electronic microscopes

The quality control for processing used for the preparation of all prototypes, monomers and thermoplastic and thermoset polymers for all technical actions including those occurred at polynt and Imperials R&D centers will be followed by the above analytical, thermomechanical and physico-chemical methods and equipments are currently used by APM staff for :

vii) Analysis of the thermo-mechanical behavior for composites and coating films by using a dynamic-mechanical analyzer; viii) rheological analyses by capillary rheometer to make previsions on the extrusion processes conditions for thermoplastic polymer (see action B4); ix) mechanical tests with the mostly used ISO, ASTM, EN norms for the industrial polymer materials, such astensile, compressive, impact, flexural and HDT/VICAT tests; x) scanning electron (SEM) and atomic force (AFM) microscopes for morphological investigation on cured thermoset specimens; xi)  biodegradation tests according to EN 13432; xii) total organic carbon (TOC) analyses for organic substrate used in the biodegradation tests.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation: APM


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