Beneficiary partner: APM

Brief description of the Associated Beneficiary's activities and experience

APM Srl is an academic spin off founded in March 2007 from the collaboration between the University of Ferrara (Italy), the institute of the National Council of Research on Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity (ISOF-CNR) and Imperial Srl. The APM technical staff, consisting of polymer chemists and engineers, has a well-known expertise on chemical, thermal, mechanical and rheological characterization and on the development of composites with thermosetting polymer matrices, UV curing of epoxy and acrylic mixtures and polymer blends with thermoplastic polymers. Firstly APM’s activities are addressed to companies producing and processing thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers for :

i) research and development of new polymer materials by the modification of monomers/oligomers and industrial polymers;

ii) the reactive blending with thermoplastic polymers and elastomers;

iii) the preparation of UV curable paints, adhesives and inks;

iv) the technology transfer activities and prototyping with thermoset and UV curable polymers;

v) the processing analyses for polymer extrusion and rotational molding by using rhel;

vi) organization of training courses on fundamental and applicative aspects on polymer chemistry and advanced characterization of industrial polymers;

vii) the patent searching and management of research projects. Secondly, APM begins recently the production in few tons of hot melt adhesives for glass windows used in photovoltaic applications and UV screen inks for PET bottles and film for food packaging applications

advanced polymer materials