Environment impact

C1 action : Monitoring of the environment impact

To monitor the impacts and sustainability of the project actions and activities on the environmental problem targeted a set of environmental indicators will be used.
Indicators can indeed, be regarded as tools for analysing situations: since they should represent in a simple way even complex problems, they have to be designed with the aim of a clear and effective analysis. The purposes for the definition of suitable environmental indicators, are mainly two: first of all, orderliness, because it is necessary to identify indicators able to analyse systematically the main environmental risks
connected with an unsustainable development. For this reason different kind of environmental aspects connected with the aim of the project will be analyzed (energy consumptions, CO2 emissions, renewable materials, formaldehyde emissions, hazardous materials). Secondly the multi-dimension, because it is important to define indicators able to recognize the relationships among different aspects, places and phenomena of sustainability. The aspects to be analysed are, indeed, often very complex and strongly interconnected each other.

The collection of the necessary data for the calculation of the defined indicators will be performed through the production and distribution of ad-hoc questionnaires addressed to APM srl. Polynt Spa, Imperial Srl and the suppliers involved.
Therefore at least the following indicators will be considered (in comparison with the conventional process):
- Decrease of energy consumption [%];
- Savings of CO2 emissions during the production process [%];
- Increase of renewable materials employed [%];
- Reduction of formaldehyde emissions [%];
- Substitution of hazardous materials employed [%]
The activities of this action will be performed at the UNIPD departments. This action will start from month 1 and will end at month 24.
The activities will be performed by:
- this activity is focused on the synthesis and characterization
of fluorinate compound for industrial, bio-medical and waste water treatment application. Expert in the field of
sustainable management of water and waste management. He is responsible of many contracts with private
and public entities;
- Technician expert in laboratory analysis on the synthesis and characterization of fluorinate compound and polymers used in the treatment of surfaces and in industrial, bio-medical and waste water treatment application. Expert in data monitoring and laboratory analysis.
Got involved in several national and EU projects;

Expected constraints and risks are connected with the lack of primary data and information coming directly from the sector. These constraints and risks will be overcome through the use of proxy data from scientific literature, benchmarking with other studies.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation: UNIPD-DII

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