Brief description of the Associated Beneficiary's activities and experience

The production of coated abrasives are used to realize smooth and polished metal, marbles, rubber, leather wood and glass surfaces for technical or necessity aesthetic reasons. The main Imperial production of the coated abrasives is based on the following row materials: i) flexible supports (i.e. paper, canvas and their combinations), adhesives (i.e. animal glue, phenolic, urea-formaldehyde, alkydic and epoxy resins), abrasives (i.e. silicon carbide-SiC, aluminum oxide-Al2O3) and a great variety of additives (such as thermal- stabilizer, dye, tougher and surfactant agents). The main stages in the production of coated abrasives are:

a) the flexible support is coated by thermosetting resins ;

b) the abrasive grains are collected on the thermosetting coating through an electrostatic field according to grain size;

c) first polymerization process of coated abrasive can take place in large ovens;

d) a second coating layer can be applied on the first coating layer for covering completely the abrasive grains and imparting low friction, antistatic and good mechanical properties;

e) the second polymerization process can be applied in a oven to complete the abrasive tape. The Imperial export in five continents is about 80% of the whole production and Imperial Prodotti Chimici ed Abrasivi is famous worldwide the high and constant quality of its products.

The long experience in the conversion of coated abrasives has allowed designing and producing their own technologies to develop more efficient and fully integrated production processes. Throughout production cycle, starting with the raw materials for processing, and careful checks are made on the process of product, so monitoring constantly the quality of abrasive to  meet the international quality standards.

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