Objectives of Life BiMoP

The BiMoP project will target the applications of itaconic acid (IA) and its derivatives as :

  • reactive diluents for thermo- and photo- initiated radical polymerisation in the production of coatings and inks and adhesives;
  • curing agents of epoxy resins to replace hazardous chemical and environmentally harmful polyamines and polyamidoamines;
  • bio-based unsaturated polyester resins by polycondensation reactions to replace maleic anhydride (MA), which is both harmful to the environment and to human health;
  • a safer and sustainable alternative to styrene, which is toxic and harmful to human health;
  • a derivative for the polymer modification of commodities (such as PP and PE) to eliminate the use of MA; and unsaturated polyester for polymer matrix composites, such as laminates with glass fibers, eliminating styrene as a reactive diluent.
advanced polymer materials