Brief description of the Associated Beneficiary's activities and experience

Polynt S.p.A. is a one of the leading producers in Europe of specific polymer chemical intermediates. Polynt production comprises two classes of products: specification products and performance chemicals.

Specification products: these products include phtalic anhydride, maleic anhydride, trimellitic anhydride, fumaric acid, malic acid and general purpose plasticizers. Production of a specification product results in a product that has precise internationally recognised physical and chemical properties. After production, we sell these products to our customers and also use some of them as the base for further production of our performance chemicals.

Performance chemicals: these products include catalysts, special anhydrides, special esters, and unsaturated polyester resins, compounds and special purpose plasticizers. Production of a performance product implies production of a product that meets specific performance requirements such as heat resistance, durability, processability, and viscosity and other chemical and mechanical resistance requirements. We produce most of our performance chemicals using our specification products, and sell them to our customers. Generally, performance products are high added-value products, and typically command higher prices and generate higher margins of profit.

We separate our products into four lines: phthalic anhydride and general purpose plasticizers; maleic anhydride, derivatives and catalysts; trimellitic anhydride and special purpose plasticizers; and resins and compounds.

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