Brief description of the Associated Beneficiary's activities and experience


The University of Padova is one of the most important Italian Universities. Founded in 1222, along with such universities as Bologna, Paris, Oxford and Cambridge.

In the past few years the University of Padova obtained over 100 million Euro of contribution from framework programmes and structural funds and carried hundreds of projects in partnerships with institution from all over the world. Is rated as on of the best Universities in the world.

The Department of Chemical Process Engineering (DPCI) of the University of Padova promotes, coordinates and performs projects predominantly oriented to the sustainability of communities and enterprises.

DPCI successfully concluded several projects on the implementation of quality, social and environmental management systems and on the assessment of social, environmental and economics impacts, risks and costs.

The team focused on these topics employs more than 15 researchers. DPCI main projects at European level in the field of intervention are:

  1. Phare EU Programme ADRI-net-EMAS “Sustainability and involvement in the environmental and social management of the territory during a flooding” as subcontractor;
    1. INTERREG IIIB CADSES - “IPAM Toolbox – EMAS Registration” as subcontractor;
  2. INTERREG IVC FRESH - “Forwarding Regional Environmental Suistainable Hierarchies” as partner (ongoing project);
  3. Competitiveness and Innovation Programme - EOS Code project – “A Code of Practice on Environmetally Oriented Sustainability – Knowledge networks for the Competitiveness and Sustainability of the European Tourism” as partner;
    1. LIFE Environment Program “SIAM – Sustainable Industrial Area Model” as partner.
    2. LIFE11 ENV/IT/110 "W-LAP" as partner (just started)

LIFE11 ENV/IT/036 "Low Resources Low Energy" as partner (just started)

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